Feetures! Socks

I just found out that Feetures! is sending me a pair of their new Feetures! Elite socks to try out!  How cool is that?

Feetures! are the best socks that I have tried.  I have worn these socks in both hot and cold weather and they hold up extremely well.  They have not failed me in a single race.  I wore them during my twelve hour Ultra and all five of my marathons and never had a blister.  

I am not much on details, but I'll do my best to review the socks and give you my opinion.  Whether I like them or not I will let you know.

The only information I have about the new socks so far is:

We believe it to be the first truly anatomical sock. Until this point, anatomical socks by other brands have used anatomical cushioning. Instead, Feetures! Elite uses anatomical compression positioned in the inside of the arch, where the foot needs the most support. The compression is intensified and isolated. The result is a sock that fits and feels like no other.

Oh, and they look cool too! 


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