Kids Running

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Kids Running

I believe in encouraging kids to run by showing them how fun it is to get out and have an adventure.

As you can tell from my blog, I have battled my own weight issues.  Although my weight ballooned in my twenties and thirties, my problems did not start as an adult.  I have battled these issues sense I was a child.  I clearly remember my pant size was "husky" and I can not remember ever talking about healthy eating with anyone in my family.  In fact, as a child growing up in a family of five kids and a single mother we ate mostly government assistance food which was high in fat and loaded with sodium.

One of the many benefits of the changes I have made is that I have been able to share with my family the benefits of living an active lifestyle.

I love to run and play with my family.  I write a lot about the adventures we have and the accomplishments of my son.  I receive a lot of emails asking me how to motivate kids to run and how to run as a family.  I am in no way an expert, but I have a wife who is proud of what I have accomplished and I am a proud dad of a seven year old son who loves to imitate me.

To my son, running is not something strange or just for adults.  It is a normal part of our lives.  He joins me on the track, running in the rain and racing 5Ks.  He has completed Youth Marathons and even volunteered at races.  He has encouraged his friends to run and has even raised money for the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.  He plays other sports and has recognized the benefits of his fitness.  On top of all this, he is a great student! 

I hope that some of our stories and the tools I am listing on this page will help you get out and have an adventure with your child too.

Running Logs:

Pod Cast:

The Mission

Races with Youth Marathons and Child Age Groups

Peyton and I after he completed the Charleston Youth Marathon

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