My Run Movie Premier Ticket Giveaway! - The Winner is...

And the winner of the "My Run" movie premier ticket giveaway is...

...Rachel R.!!!

From the website:
My Run tells an amazing true tale of two incredible journeys.  One took place in 1996, when Terry Hitchcock ran from St. Paul to Atlanta in 75 consecutive days, covering the equivalent of a marathon a day.  Terry’s “mega-marathon” was an incredible feat but it wasn’t even close to being his greatest challenge.  That began 12 years earlier when Terry’s wife, Sue, a woman of incredible warmth and strength died of breast cancer and Terry suddenly found himself alone raising three small children.  That marathon was the tougher journey, one much harder emotionally and spiritually than running 2000 miles from St. Paul to Atlanta.

The movie has received great reviews and has won numerous awards.

You can find out if the movie is playing in your area and purchase tickets at


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