My Long Run (in pictures)

There are several running routes that I absolutely love.  Today, I ran one of those routes (and I took pictures to share with you!).

The Island Loop route is an incredible running route.  I start in Mount Pleasant and go over to Sullivan's Island, Isle of Palms and then back to Mount Pleasant.  There are views of downtown Charleston, the harbor, historic homes, the Sullivan's Island lighthouse, the Cooper River Bridge, the Ben Sawyer Bridge, the Atlantic Ocean, beaches, dolphins, the marsh, and a thousand other incredible sites!

I'm working on my ultra training and part of that is to do runs that are not only long in distance, but train you to be on your feet for several hours.  So today I decided to take my time and take some pictures on my run.  

Here it goes...

Mile 2 - Alhambra Hall and the Charleston Harbor

Mile 4 - from the Old Pitt Street Bridge
Cooper River Bridge and Charleston in the background.

Mile 7 - from the Ben Sawyer Bridge
Sullivan's Island

Mile 9 - Breach Inlet
Between Sullivan's Island and Isle of Palms

Mile 11 - Top of the Isle of Palms Connector Bridge

Mile 13 - Marsh view from the Isle of Palms Connector

Mile 15 - Rifle Range Road

Mile 17 - Rifle Range Road
Its blurry because I was sweating all over the place! 

Mile 18 - Mid afternoon and 90 degrees!


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