Yes, You Could Say they Helped Save My Life...

Four days until the Savannah Marathon and five days until my birthday!

Saturday will end one of the most active years of my life.  It just happens to be my 40th.  

If you would have told me that I would be in better shape during my 40th year than any other time in my life, I would have thought you were crazy!  But with the help of a lot of people, I have lost a bunch of weight (over 100 pounds) and maintained that weight loss for over four years!

I really do believe that had I stayed on the course I was heading, I would be in pretty bad shape right now (or not here at all).  

As it is, I have a wonderful family (they were wonderful even when I was fat), I have a great group of running friends (they were great before too, just not with me), and my life is an adventure (not a video game or TV adventure)!

If you have read my story, you know I owe this to a lot of people.

One group from this list is the Marines.  

I know, how could an entire branch of the military help me get in shape when I was not even a member?

The MUSC Boot Camp I joined several years ago is run by a group of Marines who are earning their college degrees and officer commission at the Citadel.

Not only did they help me discover that working out could be an adventure, they challenged me to think about my eating and overall health.  They motivated me when I felt I could go no further and inspired me to do things outside my comfort level (okay, maybe I went a little over the top when I made the connection of making it through one of their workouts and being able to run an Ultra - but I did it!).

I remember the first time I ran a mile without stopping (I know - I keep retelling this story, but its good).

The Marines were standing at the end of the one mile loop and as I went by I told them I had done it without stopping.  They said good job and cheered me on and then went back to talking.  I then proceeded to run a few more feet and puked.  The Marines went nuts!  They were cheering and congratulating me and slapping me on the back!  Never in my life had I felt such a rush.  I was hooked!

So yes, you could absolutely say they helped save my life...

Over the last few years, I have watched several of these Marines graduate from the Citadel and receive their commission (an honor, if you are ever invited, you should never miss).  I have run with these guys on their training runs and have even helped them with running questions.  I have stayed in contact with them as they have been sent to other training schools and even deployed to war zones.  I count many of them as my close friends.

I say all this so that you will know why I am such a proud supporter of the Marines and the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.

I hope you can help these incredible men and women, who do so much for all of us, by supporting the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund.  I encourage you to read about the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund and help if you can.  Every dollar counts.

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