Palmetto 200 in Pictures (2010 and 2011)

One of my favorite races of all time is the Palmetto 200.  This 200+ mile relay race in South Carolina starts in Columbia and ends on Folly Beach (this year it ends on James Island).

For the past two years I have run this race with a standard 12 person 2 van team.  This year I will be running it with as an Ultra team (6 person 1 van).  I am both excited and nervous as I sit here planning for the race.

I thought one of the best ways to get ready would be to look back at some of the pictures from the past two years.  I have so many great memories of those 30 hour adventures (and even some sleep deprived hallucinations)!

Here are some pics from both years (2010 and 2011).

Team Name: IHNBTDTR200MTW 
(I had nothing better to do than run 200 miles this weekend)

Team Name: TrySports Believe Achieve

Have you ever run a relay race?  What's your favorite one?  Are you running the Palmetto 200?  What team?


  1. I have not (yet) run a relay race... but looks so fun... definitely on my bucket list of things I must do!

    1. Hey Lisa! They really are a lot of fun. There are a few in FL and one on the Blue Ridge Parkway that you should check out!


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