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It’s Product Review Wednesday (because it’s Wednesday and I’m reviewing a product).

I love trying out new stuff, but I am really picky when it comes to anything that touches my feet or could possibly cause an injury to me while wearing or testing something. 


When I was asked to try out SofSole insoles I was a little nervous.

I checked them out online and saw that they had been around for a while and their products are sold all over the place.  I said yes and sent them my shoe size.

I received a package that included a pair of SofSole Fit Insoles and three pair of SofSole CoolMax Performance Socks.

I decided the best way to try the insoles was to use them on several runs with two different shoes.  I used them with my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 12s and my Brooks Ravenna 2s.  You should know that I love the Adrenalines and I hate the Ravennas.

Here are the basics:
The insole has a 3.0cm Arch Height (this was the neutral arch type I was wearing).  It has an anatomical nylon plate that provides torsional stability while maintaining flexibility and range of motion.  It’s also made of high rebound EVA foam for support.

Yep, that’s about all the technical stuff that I can stand writing so here is what I thought.

When I wore the insoles with my Brooks Ravennas my first thought was, “Damn! Maybe I do like these shoes!”  Really, it made a huge difference in how these shoes felt.  I had pretty much stuffed them in the closet and was not even thinking about wearing them anymore.  So that’s a pretty big difference. 

I like the cushion and I like the slight lift in the arch.  I wore them on several 10-14 mile runs and on shorter 4-6 mile runs.  They held up fine on all my runs (about 50 miles so far). The other thing I found is that I like to wear these insoles in my shoes I walk around in as well.  They are that comfortable.

As far as the socks go, they seem pretty standard and are not really what I use for running.  I liked wearing them after running though.  They are soft and felt nice, just not as thin as I like for running (if you like thicker socks you may really like these for running).

So, technically speaking it looks like the SofSole Insoles are made of pretty high tech material (now that is some incredible writing on my part).  They pass my comfort test (actually saved a pair of shoes from the trash) and they seem to be holding up so far (if they fall apart in the next month I will update this post).  The socks are really comfortable, but not really my pick for running.

By the way, the price on both the insoles and the socks are really reasonable so they are absolutely worth trying out.

Check them out at

Have you tried anything from SofSole?  Let me know what you think?

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  1. I wear SofSole Arch Performance in ALL my shoes. I have Planters, and I've gone the gambit of different inserts, looking for the pair that stopped hurting my feet. I landed on Sof Sole, and was so impressed I've tossed out all the others and replaced them with Sof Sole. I can finally wear my shoes all day long and still feel good at the end of the day. The Arch Plus inserts are awesome in my Walking and Running shoes!

    I only wish they were just a tad cheaper, considering how many shoes I have! (smile).


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