Why I Share

I am always surprised to see how many people visit my blog each day.  I don’t advertise and, well,  I’m really not that interesting.

I read other people’s blogs and they are really cool and the people who write them are so inspiring.

I mean, okay, I hope someone who reads my story will be encouraged to get off their couch and make some changes in their life and I want people to get excited about running and even have an adventure for themselves.

But really, I kind of write my blog for selfish reasons…

I write it to motivate myself.  I made a pretty drastic change from where I was five years ago (it seems like a lifetime ago). 

Some days are easier than others to stay focused and see the big picture.  Some days are harder and I have to push myself to just put on my running clothes and get out the door.

I even have days I want to fall off the “healthy eating wagon” and just pig out on junk food.

So I share what I’m thinking and doing to remind myself of where I was and where I want to go.  Sometimes I even get comments on my posts that push me out the door (although, you guys really don’t comment much – just saying).

Today is hot and humid and I’m about to go run in the middle of the afternoon.  As much as I love to run, this is one of those days… 

So here I am writing and hoping that I will get off my butt and get out the door.

That’s why I share…


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