Garage Workout

This morning I woke up and drove downtown to meet my running group.  I could see the dark clouds, but that only made me want to run more!

Ninja Stuntman was there, but CRS sent a text stating that she was running late and to start with out her.  We waited anyway.

After a while we decided to run a quick out and back and then pick up CRS for the rest of our run.  As we started running towards the Charleston Battery we could see the clouds getting darker and the lightning getting brighter.

After a few lighting strikes that we could actually feel, we turned back and decided to do a garage workout.

The MUSC garage has about eight floors and is big enough to run without getting run over.

We picked up CRS on our way to the garage and met up with Coach Greg and about five other runners.

The workout is simple.  Accelerate on the inclines and jog the flat areas.

NSM, CRS and I did this twice and then met the other runners on the top for one last set.  This time we started on the fourth level.  We sprinted the inclines then jogged all the way around each floor.

After that set I was out of time and ran back to the bottom and then to my car (in another garage).

I felt pretty strong running the inclines and not beat up afterwards.  Should feel good enough to run this afternoon!

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  1. This sounds like a lot of fun. I've never run in a garage before, but just thinking about it, I can see where it would help with incline training and putting intervals in there (there are ZERO hills here! Even being from Florence, I can tell the land here is even flatter). Good thing the storms ended just in time for you, too.

    I'd love to participate in something like this sometime if you guys do it again :). I can't promise I'd be very fast though!


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