Guard those Nips!

No Protection and a New Shirt on Race Day
Ah man, there is nothing worse than bloody nipples.  Well, except getting in the shower afterwards!

I have made some major mistakes in my short running life, but not protecting my nipples is up there at the top.  Did you know there is a web site just for pictures of bloody nipples?  WTF!

I have used Glide (everyone should have a stick of Glide and a back up stick too), I have used nipple guards and I have used regular band-aids.

Glide will work for about a half marathon, nipple guards stick out too much (and look really funny) and regular band-aids will only stay on for so long (especially for us sweaty people).

A few weeks ago I found the perfect product: "Band-Aid Tough Strips (waterproof)".  These suckers will not come off during your run (I sweat like crazy and they stayed on for both of my 18 and 20 mile runs).

Best Nip Guards EVER!
You may be asking yourself, "Why is Noah talking about this? Did he get a free box in the mail? Did someone pay him to try them out? Has he really run out of things to write about and is he now writing about band-aids (Depends could be next)???".

First, I paid for this box of nipple savers.  No one asked me to write about them, but how funny would that email sound.  I have not run out of things to write.  Okay, maybe that one's close...

Anyway, check them out at your local... store.   Let me know how they work out for you.  And then you can thank me :)

Oh, I had to add this funny video from YouTube that describes a marathon, the thoughts you might have and the pain of bloody nipples!

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