Track Workout on the Road

One of the cool things about a Garmin GPS watch is the ability to create workouts on your PC and then transfer them to your watch.

I have done this with group runs (speed work) and even hill repeats and it's worked out really well.  

Although I use my Garmin at the track for splits, I had not thought of creating a track workout for the road until yesterday.

Monday’s are my track days, but my son had a football game last night and I was not going to be able to make it to the track before or after.  I decided to take the workout Coach Greg set up for me and convert it to a road workout.  

If you think this is starting to sound a little geeky, you should have seen us transferring workouts from watch to watch before hill repeats at the Bridge (my inner geek was really coming out).

The workout was pretty simple (5 x 1000's) with 200 meter recovery (800 meter warm up and recovery).  So I converted the meters to miles and then converted the interval time to mile pace.  This is what it looked like:

I picked a route that had very few stops and was able to keep up the pace for the full 1000 meters.  The actual workout was pretty tough, but doable (cooler weather helped).  

I had to concentrate on hitting my pace, but after the first 1000 meters I really didn't have to look at my watch much (it beeps if you are going too fast or too slow - irritating enough that you will do it right).

If you have a Gamin GPS watch (mine is a 405) check out Garmin Connect.  You should have an account set up to download your workouts anyway.   Look under “Plans” to find “Workouts”.  It may take a few tries to get it right, but once you have it down it's really cool.

Another great tool from Garmin is their training videos:
They're short and easy to follow (like me!).

I actually like going to the track, but if you don't have one available or don't have the time to drive to one this is a great alternative.

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