New Hydration Pack!

Thirty eight  more days until the Grand Canyon Rim2Rim2Rim!

I have been doing some crazy training for this run.  Long runs, double long runs, long runs on the Cooper River Bridge, long runs with stairs and plenty of hill repeats.

I have booked my flight and I have booked my room.  I have even picked out what I am going to wear, but nothing has been as exciting as getting my new hydration pack!

How sad it that???

Seriously, this pack is so cool!  I am going to be testing it out this weekend on a 31 mile Island Loop long run.  I will give a full review of the Nathan VaporWrap when I am done with the R2R2R.

I will tell you that I got the pack from  I emailed them about sizes and got a response super quick and the pack was shipped to me in no time

I can not wait to try this thing out!

Big thanks to my sponsors and supporters for helping me make this run possible!


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