They were all runners... Journey to a 5K

Two months ago I started a journey with a group of people with a goal of running a 5K race. Thursday, I watched that group complete that goal and become the runners I knew they could be...

That first morning I watched all the cars as they pulled into the parking lot. I watched as they sat in their cars not knowing exactly what to do. Slowly, they exited their cars and made their way over to me and entered my world.

Each week the group became more confident. There were bumps in the road. Each workout was harder than the next. Some members were disappointed in how fast they were running. Some had pains that they had never experienced. Some just doubted their own abilities. Each week either I spent time with the person, Peyton picked them up, or another group member moved in to give support. This is the magic of group runs...

After weeks of training, they gathered for their race.

I walked up to the group for final instructions and to get them warmed up. As I looked at them with pride, I noticed something strange. They all had the same shirts on. To my surprise they had created shirts with my logo and "Team Noah" written on the back. I was completely overwhelmed. It took everything for me to keep it together...

After their warm up, they lined up with over 800 people to run the Catch the Leprechaun 5K.

They were all smiling!

I watched them take off and then waited at the end for them to come back. It was such a rush to see each one of them finish! From my nine year old son breaking his own PR to my oldest participant at seventy one finishing first in her age group it was just amazing.

I saw people who I had coached in prior groups come through and I watched as each and every group member ran through the finish line.

Some were faster than others, some were smiling, some were laughing, some were grimacing and some were crying.

They were all runners...

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  1. Love this :). It's been great getting to know the Couch to 5K runners who come to the run club too, I hope everyone will keep coming and continue to participate in runs and other things that are going on. Everyone was *so* confident on Thursday night too. You could tell they trusted the training and trusted you :).

    As far as keeping it together... I can imagine! Sometimes you just have to let it out. I started getting teary when the leprechaun began the race and well, let's just say when I was driving home from MTP

  2. Keep on keeping on! 5k, 10k marathon, ultra, it really doesn't matter. Getting out there is what does. Keep up the great and inspiring work.


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