Write Each Page Like its Your Best Work Ever and Live it Like its Your Last

Five years ago today we were a normal family...

Jennifer and I were in Las Vegas getting ready to run the Rock n Roll Marathon with friends. Our sweet boy, Peyton, was with his grandparents back at home. 

Peyton was a star athlete, amazing student and an even better person. We were an incredibly happy couple with a healthy child and a love for adventures and life. 

We had never even thought about epilepsy or what it meant to have a child with epilepsy. We had never thought of our child being anything but our P. We had never imagined life without him.

That was the last day we lived with that innocence...

It’s strange to think back to that time. We were so different. Sure we had concerns and fears, but nothing like this. We were just normal parents. We always lived life to its fullest. We did amazing things together. We laughed and played because it was what felt right to us. We loved each other because our souls were connected at the core. That was such an amazing time.

The next day we would hear about Peyton’s first seizure. We would learn that his grandparents saw it as he woke up after falling asleep on the boat. We would hear the fear in their voices and we would spend the day talking to our friends in the medical field about what we should do. We would rationalize it and we would face our fears of what this meant for our boy, for our family, for our lives.

I will never forget that phone call with Peyton. Our strong, ferocious, caring nine year old little boy. He did not want to tell us because he didn’t want it to “mess up our race”. And I will never forget him saying “I was so scared daddy” and the feeling of complete helplessness.

Six months later Peyton would be gone...

It’s strange to be parents of a two year old now. I don’t know if we have more fears or if we just have less innocence. We are so different now. How could we not be? We know first hand what truly is a parent’s worst nightmare.

We still love our adventures and we still love each other. We will never stop loving Peyton, we just have his little brother Miles who deserves every bit of that love as well (and he gives it right back to us).
We truly live life like there is no tomorrow.

If we could, we would all write our future out in a book and have it end the way we wanted. But everyone has a different book so we just get to write our present and live it. Maybe it’s the fact that we have lost that innocence that makes me believe that you have to write each page like its your best work ever and live it like its your last.


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