Being a Dad

I don’t know much, but I do know that I was put on this earth to be a father…

From the time I was a kid I dreamed of being a dad. Maybe it was from not having my own father around most of my life or just something I was born with, I just always wanted to be a dad.
Jennifer has given me the chance to be a father to two incredible boys.
I have experienced the greatest joys of being a father. From the incredibly proud moments (crawling, walking, running, scoring, straight A’s, helping others, encouraging strangers) to the unbelievably hilarious moments (nighttime giggles, baby poop in strange places, funny words, being called DIK - kid spelled backwards), there have been some good ones.
I’ve also experienced the tough times of being a father. From the no time to do anything else moments (rushing around getting ready in the morning, late for dinners, carrying way too much stuff, multiple events at the same time, late for everything, getting way too upset about small stuff) to the hardheaded pushing every boundary moments (tantrums, hitting, running away in a busy parking lot, going as slow as possible so we are late, attitude, door slamming, silence) there have been some tough ones.
And of course I have experienced a parent’s worst nightmare, losing my child…
I never thought that I would get a chance to be a father to another child after losing Peyton, but here I am changing diapers, thinking about schools and talking to my son about bugs and dirt.
I actually thought that I would be more patient the second time around, but Miles works pretty hard to ensure I use all the parenting skills I know.
You would think that it’s all those funny and proud moments that make me feel most like a dad. But it’s those multiple timeout days, the struggle of cleaning up all those trucks, the times explaining that it’s better to share than push moments that really make me feel like a dad.
I stress and cherish those moments at the very same time. That’s what being a dad is to me. It’s the joy, laughter, stress, worry, aggravation, and proud million moments that only you get with your child.
I would not trade one for the other, they all make up the limited time I have with my boys and whether those moments are easy or hard they are my moments and I will never waste them. #dontwasteamoment


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