Boot Camp - 5-21-09

I went to Boot Camp today thinking that we were going to have an easy day (it was the last day of the session and we already did our PFT) - first mistake. I even showed up two minutes late - second mistake...

We started with group exercises and at this point I was pretty sure it was not going to be an easy day. We were then broken up into ability groups and I was lumped in with a bunch of crazy fast people.

We did an Indian run (last person sprints to the front) for about two miles. Normally the group runs at an easy pace, but not today. We were running close to 7:15 miles and doing sprints. I was wiped out. I did stop for half a lap to get water, but Sgt. H saw me and made me catch up to the group!

After the run, we did group sprints on the roof (out and back sprints). Then we headed down to the gym to end with an ab workout and more group exercises (I am getting tired just typing about this...).

The best part was having two guys from Boot Camp come in at the end dressed in Sumo outfits and fight in the middle of the gym. Of course they made them do the exercises with us when they finished.


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