Mid Week Run - 5-21-09

I ran my normal six mile run today. I went from my office to the Citadel. Last week I was wondering where the wind had gone. I found it! Is it possible to run against the wind both ways?

I started a little later than normal 1:05 pm. It was about 72 degrees and, like I sad, windy! I ran all six miles at a slow recovery speed (10:00). I was a little worn out from Boot Camp this morning, so the slow run was nice.

I do this run to put miles on my legs, recover from my Wednesday tempo run and for weight management. I also like to get out of the office for an hour to clear my head and see the sites...

I ran by a two car accident on the turn from Broad St. to Lockwood Ave. It looked like it happened about thirty minutes before I got there. Scary thing is that they ran up on the sidewalk right where I run.


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