Track Workout 5-22-09

We did a five mile track workout today.

1 x 800 (warm up)
2 x 100 strides (warm up)
6 x 200 (:58) - 100 recovery
6 x 300 (1:27) - 200 recovery
5 x 400 (1:57) - 300 recovery
1 x 800 (cool down)

My legs really felt tired after this workout. I was consistently 4-5 seconds fast on all of my runs, but I felt really good on all of them. I was working on form and breathing as well as keeping my hands loose. I tend to tighten my grip when I am running and this uses up valuable energy.

I am ready for a long, slow, run in the morning after this week of speed work. Its amazing what I am willing to do to shave a few seconds off my time. But its worth it to hear my son tell his friends "My Dad is a fast runner"!


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