Mid Week Run - 5-26-09

I replaced Boot Camp with a run today. I was up all night with my son, so getting up at 5:00am was out of the question. I would have wasted an hour working out at half speed (or less).

I started my run at 1:15pm. I ran my usual six mile route from my office downtown to the Citadel (9:00 pace). The weather was a little warm, but the wind was perfect. I started a little slow for a warm up, but I was pretty consistent on a 9:00 pace. I didn't feel like I was pushing the pace too hard, but I didn't have much time to run so I was not going to slow down too much.

I hate when I pass someone walking and they start running to keep up with me. I always feel like they just took a break and now they want to race (seems like cheating to me). I know that this is just in my head, but the competitor in me comes out and I just can not let them get past me. So this happened twice today and that is the reason my pace was not more in the range of a recovery run. Oh well, sometimes you just have to race...


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