Tempo Run - 5-27-09

I made it to MUSC about one minute before 6:00am. I only had that one minute to stretch and then we were off.

This was our normal five mile tempo run from MUSC to the Battery, up through the Market to the Andrew Pinckney Inn and back on Calhoun Street.

I ran with the group for the first mile (11:00) and then took off on my own. I ran the next three miles at 8:00 pace. The last mile I slowed for a cool down (9:30).

The person I have been running with for the past two tempo runs was not in the group today. I really had to push myself harder to keep the pace up. It is too easy for me to slack off in the middle of a run when I am alone. I think I did this on my last 10k. I am going to try to work on this when I run my next 5k on Saturday.


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