Long Run / Race - 6-13-09

Hangover... That's the movie I saw last night and the way I felt this morning before I did the Floppin Flounder 5k.

Even though I did not have anything to drink (except water) I was out past midnight and did not have dinner until after 10:00pm. I would not recommend this routine for anyone getting ready to race the next morning.

I dragged myself out of bed and headed over to Sullivan's Island. I ran a one mile warm up (9:55) and did some strides. I could tell right away that I was not at top form.

The race started and I actually felt great for the first mile (7:20). After the first mile I could tell I was slowing down. I was surprised to see that I had dropped to 8:11 pace and then 8:32 for the third mile. I ended up finishing the race in 24:55. That is one of my worst times in two years.

I was really pissed at myself after the race, but I decided I had to just throw this one out and forget about it (except for the pre-race lessons).

After the race I ran about three and a half more miles (10:13, 10:15, 10:20) to get in the miles for my Saturday long run.

Not sure when or if I will run another 5k this Summer, but I will continue to work on my pace and can always time myself to see my progress as I work towards the Marathon.


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