Track Workout - 6-12-09

Today's track workout was mainly for pacing in preparation for my 5k in the morning.

1 x 800 - warm up

2 x 400 - 1:49 (actuals - 1:46, 1:49)

2 x 800 - 3:39 (actuals - 3:36, 3:38)

2 x 1200 - 5:28 (actuals - 5:32, 5:33)

2 x 400 - 1:49 (actuals - 1:48, 1:41)

1 x 800 - cool down

I felt really good during this workout except that my legs felt heavy at the beginning. I also felt like I was not breathing well on the last 1200. It was really hard to keep up the pace.

I hit my splits fairly well, but I had to go hard on the last 400 of the 1200's to finish near the pace.

On my last 400 I was behind a really fast runner that was cooling down. His cool down is faster than my race pace so I ended up doing it in 1:41.

I know that my body is able to run fast for a 5k, but for some reason I tend to let up during the last mile. I am going to try to push through the pain and the desire to slow down and see how I do.


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