Recovery Run - 6-15-09

Hot! Man was it hot today.

As I walked out of my office, people were saying encouraging things like "Are you crazy?", "I hope you don't have a heat stroke!", and "We will come looking for you in a few hours.".
I ran six miles for my recovery run today (down to the Citadel and back) and was looking for shade the entire way.

I was working on a 10:17 pace for my recovery, but found my self running a little fast at first (9:37, 9:42, 9:58). After I made it to the Citadel, I was feeling pretty hot and slowed down to hit the recovery pace (10:11, 10:20, 10:16). I was so tired at the end I could have walked.

Although it was really hot, it was a great run. I felt relaxed and it really felt like a recovery run.


  1. Good run Noah! I was wondering, where do you get those great maps from?

  2. I use SportTracks - its a great training log. You can import from Garmin or add your own routes and then save the map. Here is the link:


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