Tempo Run - 6-17-09

My tempo run this morning was a little slow, but I did get my six miles in. I ran downtown Charleston from MUSC around the Battery, up to Calhoun, around Colonial Lake and back.

I made one change this morning for more energy. I usually eat a banana before I run, but this morning I changed it to oatmeal (one packet of instant oatmeal). I was hoping for a little more sustained energy.

We started with a slow group run for the first mile (11:00). As I hit the Battery I increased the pace to 7:40 and was able to keep it at 7:55 for the next mile. After that I slowed to 8:10 and 8:20. I finished with a 9:30 cool down mile. I can tell I am slowing down as the temperature goes up, so I am going to have to figure that in when I do my afternoon runs.

I was hoping for a little push or competition from anther runner today, but no one was running my pace this morning. Maybe next time...


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