Recovery Run - 6-30-09

It was a great day for a run today. The wind was blowing and it was under ninety degrees for a change.

I did a six mile recovery run from my office to the Citadel and back (in front of Brittle Bank Park). I usually do this on Mondays, but my son was sick yesterday and I had to pick him up from camp.

I maintained my pace at 10:00 for the entire run. My calves were killing me after some crazy workout I did yesterday (damn Kem!). I did some extra stretches after the run to work the soreness out.

I had really never thought about the importance of recovery runs before starting this training. I always just went out and tried to run a bunch of miles each week and hope for the best. When I started training for a marathon last year I realized I needed to add some long runs, but that was about all. This time around I am really learning about the differences in recovery, tempo and long runs. Its good to have a coach!

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