Boot Camp - 7-28-09

I keep hearing the Marines yell that this is phase two of Boot Camp. Not sure what that really means other than more pain...

I still look around at everyone wondering what motivates them to keep doing this workout. My wife is doing the evening Boot Camp and I hear her complaining about it every night, but every other morning I see her carefully packing up her workout clothes so she can go to the gym straight from work. Everyone that does this workout knows that they are somewhat crazy. Not everyone can get up in the morning or go out after work and be yelled at by a bunch of Marines (its just not normal).

This mornings workout was not normal. We started on the roof with body bars. We went straight into a warm up and then did stretches. We were then split into two groups.

My group started with a body bar workout. Lots of push ups mixed in, for variety I assume. My arms were killing me at the end.

We moved to the track for what I will now call the "cave of pain" workout. You start on the roof and jog the curves and go down the stairwell to the inside track and sprint the straight section. Then you run up the next stairwell and jog the next curve. This is done over and over until the Marines say stop. I did about two miles of this before we moved back to the center of the roof for more upper body and abdominal exercises.

Once again I was a complete sweaty mess, but this was a fun workout. The "cave of pain" was hard, but doing something different was exactly what I needed to get me motivated again.

It was interesting to hear one of the new Marines explaining why he yells at everyone to get louder when we are counting or sounding off. He was explaining that this is a team effort and that the louder we are the more it motivates others that are having a hard time.

We pay to be yelled at in the early morning or after work in the blazing heat; we yell at each other to motivate the group; we complain about how hard the Marines work us; and we clap at the end if the workout really makes us hurt. Yep, we are all crazy...


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