Tempo Run - 7-29-09

Just four runners for the group run this morning. We ran a loop from MUSC around the lower Charleston peninsula.

We all ran the first mile at a slow group pace (12:59) for a nice warm up. I was going to do six miles this morning, but I was not feeling all that well so I decided to just run five. I also wanted to slow down today and just run around marathon pace so I paired up with another runner (Tammy). Her normal pace is (9:30+), but I pushed a little and we stayed under 9:00 for most of the middle three miles (8:55, 8:50, 9:01). We slowed down for a cool down mile at the end (10:54).

This run really felt good. My legs felt great and I could tell that it is getting easier to maintain marathon pace.

It was really fun helping Tammy push her middle three miles. I did not tell her what pace we were running, I just said it was a good pace. At the end of the last fast mile I could tell she was slowing down, so I got next to her and told her we only had a few tenths of a mile left. She was able to dig down and finish strong.


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