Long Run - 10 Miles - 8-15-09

Is it strange when ten miles seems like a short run?

This morning was another 5:00am long run. I met up with everyone at St. Andrews in the Old village. I think there were eight of us. Most of the group was running a slow fourteen miles, but three of us were going for a little speed today.

Greg (our coach) drove us out ten miles to the end of the Isle of Palms. I road in the back of the truck and I think it may be the first time I have actually been cold this summer.

We got out there and it was still really dark. I bet it was a funny sight seeing us dumped off on the side of the road.

We started with a slow warm up mile (11:52). We wanted to stay between 8:55-9:25 for the middle eight miles. We picked it up and ran a pretty decent pace (9:05, 8:50, 9:04, 9:17). We stopped for a few seconds at Breach Inlet to refill our water bottles (I did not wear my camel pack today).

After we started running again my hamstring was a little tight and it took about two miles for it to stop hurting (9:26, 9:05). I will have to keep an eye on it for the next few runs.

We increased our pace for the last two fast miles as we ran back into the Old Village (8:56, 8:55). We finished with a slow cool down mile (11:11) that felt like we were walking after the last few miles.

We got back and I drank a low calorie Gator Aid and cooled down with an ice cold washcloth (thanks Greg!).

It was very strange being dropped off and running back, not sure if I am a fan. I like out and back runs or loops for the most part, but it was a nice change.

Only 70 days left until the Marine Corps Marathon!


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