Mid Week Run - 8-13-09

It was a rainy day in Charleston...

I ran my mid week, six mile, run from my office to the Citadel. I guess I could call it a steady run, but it really doesn't matter...

I ran at lunch time so I was expecting it to be pretty hot. I was surprised when I walked out and it started to rain.
The rain really helped with the heat, I think it was only in the mid eighties when I started running.

I ran a warm up mile (9:42) and then ran four miles under marathon pace (8:38, 8:37, 8:43, 8:39). Not bad considering it was poring down the whole time. I finished with a cool down mile (10:26) which was pretty slow due to my shoes being completely soaked.

I still can not believe it rained the entire time I was running.

I guess "real runners run in the rain" or something like that...


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