Recovery Run - 8-31-09

I can not believe it is the last day of August. The weather is making it easier to believe though. It was only 83 degrees today. I know it will heat up again, but it sure was a nice break.

I ran a short four mile recovery run this afternoon. I mixed up the route a little for fun and headed down to the Battery from my office on Broad Street. I made a loop around South of Broad and really got a nice view of the city and the harbor.

My pace was nice and slow (10:10, 10:13, 10:21, 9:58). I waited to do this run in the afternoon because I knew it was going to be nice and cool this morning and I would have never been able to slow down enough.

I missed the rain by a few minutes and really got to enjoy the run and the city. Not bad...


  1. Gorgeous photo, Noah! Nice run. :)

  2. I really never got a chance to enjoy this city as much as I do now that I run all around and through it :)


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