Tempo Run - 8-11-09

Its hard to work yourself up for a seven mile tempo run when your whole body is sore from the day before...

I knew I was going to need some motivation to get out of bed so last night I made a point to send out emails about when I would be starting and what route I was going to run. You can't send a bunch of emails to people and not show up!

I got up early so I could meet the running group at 5:30am. We started at MUSC for a downtown Charleston run. The pace was set high for the tempo part of the run, but it was so hot and humid that no one was planning on hitting their pace.

We started with a slow warm up mile as a group (12:14). We picked it up for what I was hoping would be a low 8:00 pace. I convinced Cathy, Katie and Tammy to run with Andrew and I for the first fast mile (8:17).

We held the pace for another mile (8:21), but then I felt a cramp in my side and slowed down until it went away (8:27). I could tell I was slowing down on the fifth mile, but I was still putting out a lot of effort (9:12). I pushed the pace on the six mile to get under marathon pace (8:34). I had fallen back from Andrew on the last two miles, but he slowed down at the end and we ran a cool down mile back to MUSC (10:06).

I was hoping for a little faster pace, but I know I was putting out the effort. Even in the morning the heat and humidity just hit you like a brick wall when you start running.


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