Track Workout - 9-2-09

I am loving this weather! It was actually cold this morning. I got up really early (well, my son woke me up really early this morning - 4:20am). I was at the track before 5:30am.

The workout was a little different than what we have been doing:

1 x 800 warm up
4 x 1200 (3 minute passive rest in between)
1 x 800 cool down

When I saw this workout I was thinking it was going to be pretty easy. Wrong!

The pace was fast (around 7:00 mile) and each 1200 I was supposed to be faster by 5-10 seconds. Not as easy as it sounds. I did get faster on each 1200, but not by 5-10 seconds.

1200 (5:13)
1200 (5:08)
1200 (5:05)
1200 (5:02)

When I finished that last 1200 I could not believe I had done it faster than the other ones. I was sure I had slowed down (I thought I was going to puke). I think the cool weather and the long runs played a big part in me finishing this workout.


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