Long Run - 22 Miles - 10-3-09

This is the last really long run I have until the Marine Corps Marathon. It was split in two parts (16 miles at under 9:30 pace and a 10k at marathon pace).

We met on the Isle of Palms and ran a route that took us to Mount Pleasant, over Sullivan's Island and back to the Isle of Palms. The weather was nice, but more humid than I was expecting. We had such a nice week of cool weather that I was hoping for a nice cold start to the day.

We warmed up as a group and ran over the IOP Connector Bridge (11:31). Then we picked up the pace (9:43, 9:27, 9:08). We turned down Rifle Range Road (9:18, 9:28). We stopped for a quick restroom break at the gas station at the end of Rifle Range Road and headed towards Sullivan's Island (9:35) We went over the bridge to the islands and headed back towards Isle of Palms (9:25, 9:41, 9:20). We then ran over Breach Inlet and back to our starting area (9:17, 9:35).

We took a few minutes to get ready for the IOP 10k race and refill our water. Then we ran a few more miles down by the water front houses (9:45, 9:48, 9:31, 9:30). We finished up at our cars. I changed my shirt, shoes and socks (I put my new shoes on to break them in a little). We walked to the starting line and waited for the race to start.

The race started and I went out a little fast even though the first mile is an incline over the IOP Bridge (8:35, 8:45, 8:50). I tried to stay at my marathon pace, but the heat really started to get to me at the turnaround (9:24, 9:45). At that point I was running the last mile over the bridge and just slowed down for the rest of the race (10:15). My legs were really tight for the race so I don't feel too bad.

I took a lot of care in fueling all week for this run and did the same after the race. I feel pretty good, but man can the heat take it out of you...

I finished my running and drove home for a quick five minute shower and then drove to the football field to coach my son's football team to a 35-7 victory. I was on the field with them the whole hour and could not believe how good I actually felt.

Running, racing, coaching my kid, and spending time with my wife - it just does not get better than that!


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