Wet and Cold Reindeer Run

Yesterday I ran the Charleston Reindeer 5k with my son.  It was wet and cold, but we had a blast!

We woke up and dressed for the cold.  Its Charleston, anything under 50 and we are throwing on cold weather gear...

There were a lot of people walking around the starting line with dogs and costumes.  My son was really excited about running the race.  My wife and I had done the Turkey Day Run the week before and he was really jealous (how cool is that?).

The race started and my son took off.  He understands sprinting and walking (he does not get pace yet).  He did the whole race on his own and ended up finishing in 44:46(PB)!  We had so much fun.  We did a lot of short races as we went along and he was laughing most of the way.  He finished fourth in his age group (6 and under) and even got a trophy!

I am getting back into the groove of my training and it feels good.  Here is a recap of my training from last week:

Monday (11-30) - 6 mile run (9:46, 8:46, 8:34, 8:37, 8:46, 9:32) - Downtown in the afternoon
Tuesday (12-01) - 6 mile run (9:54, 9:21, 9:32, 9:18, 9:12, 9:13) - Downtown in the afternoon
Wednesday (12-02) - Rest
Thursday (12-03) - Boot Camp in the morning (2 miles) / 5 mile run (10:13, 7:51, 10:37, 7:59, 9:59)
Friday (12-04) - Track workout (6x200, 6x300, 2x400 + drills) - 4.5 miles total
Saturday (12-05) - Ran the Reindeer run with my son - 3.1 miles
Sunday (12-06) - 6 mile run on the Cooper River Bridge (not much of a workout yesterday so I threw this in for fun (9:59, 9:23, 8:34, 9:41, 9:20, 8:21).


  1. OH How Fantastic!!!!
    What a GREAT photo with your son and his trophy!!!!!
    great family tradition!!!

    wondering how your doing these days...got plans for 2010? :)

  2. Thanks Ruthie. I changed my blog to www.mooreonrunnig.com. You may have to update your link to follow it...


  3. oops, thats www.mooreonrunning.com


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