Group Runs

Nothing like a group run to get you out of bed at 5:00am...

I know that if I tell someone I will be at a group run I have no choice but to show up.  Its a great motivator when all you feel like doing is rolling over and going back to sleep.  This is one of the reasons Boot Camp is so good for me.  I know that if I miss a day someone from the group is going to email me and razz me about not showing up.  But its even worse when you don't show for a group run with only a few runners.

This morning I woke up for my group run and almost went back to bed (I was not feeling that great).  I had told a friend (Michael) about the run and was not sure if he would show up or not.  I also figured there would be at least ten other runners there so if he did show up it would not be that big of a deal.  That thought only lasted about two seconds...

I got up and drove downtown.  The weather this morning was pretty strange, it was warm and the wind was crazy.  When I got to the gym there were only three other people running (including Michael).  How bad would I have felt if I had slept in today.

We ran five miles, our first mile was a slow warm up (11:51).  Then we picked it up for three miles (8:02, 8:25, 8:21). The first tempo mile was ok, but the last two we were running against the wind coming in from the Charleston harbor.  We finished with a cool down mile (10:19).

I ended up running with Michael the whole five miles and had a great time.  I think I even talked him into running the Palmetto200.  

My other runs this week were on Monday and Tuesday:

Monday - six mile recovery run (10:16, 10:04, 10:02, 9:43, 9:26, 9:15).

Tuesday - six mile steady run (9:36, 8:31, 8:39, 8:38, 9:02, 8:42).


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