A conversation with my doctor

The topic for day three of the National Health Blog Post Month is (wait for it...), "A conversation with my doctor".

I wanted to write some funny stuff (well, funny to me) about a conversation I had about my weight, but I really can't think of any...

Through the years, I convinced my doctor to put me on about four different medications to try to lose weight.

Each time he would go over the dangers and I would barely listen.  He would tell me all about exercise and eating right and that the medication was just to supplement what I needed to do (blah, blah, blah, blah).

I would lose about ten pounds and then put on fifteen (or more).

I would go back to see him and he would go on and on about how the medication was not going to be enough.  I would tell him that he was right, of course, and then convince him to try another medication that I had read about (funny how I spent so much time researching what kind of new medications were out there for me to try, but never once picked up a book or article about exercise and eating healthy).

When I finally turned to the MUSC Weight Management Center (thanks to my wife) it was a psychologist who finally got me to realize what my family doctor had been telling me for years.

That conversation is for another day...

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