The Big Picture(s)...

I'm re-posting this one as part of the National Health Blog Post Month (day four) because it really fits the topic: "Disclosure Post.  What do you share?"...

Recently, I was given a new ID at work.

My New ID (edited to protect me from stalkers)
When I looked at the picture it actually felt strange.  Even though its been over five years since I lost most of my weight, I still think I look the same.

So I keep writing this post (the fat guy picture post), adding some of my "big" pictures to it and then I delete  the whole thing.  

What's the point?

I mean, I don't like how I let myself go all those years.  I'm really the type of person that likes to focus on the present and the future.  I tend to stay away from reflecting on the past.

But the other day I was looking over my blog and realized a few things.

I write about how things are now.  I write about my family and what we just did or are about to do.  I write about my adventures, races and running partners I have today.  I write about this stuff because it's what makes me happy and keeps me going, but I don't write much about how things were.

And then I thought, what if someone who is looking to make a change in their life just happens to run across my blog (okay, I know they could find some better things to read).  But what if Google just happens to send them my way?

If all they see is some guy that runs a lot, I'm not sure that's going to help.  I don't think it's going to help anyone see the true value of what they have and can have if they just take the first few steps.

My wife, Jen, told me a while back that it might help for people to know that I first started walking to lose weight.  And that I was a complete ass (her words, not mine) for weeks when I started eating better (and less).  That there's no quick fix, no magic pill.  That it was tough, but it was worth it...

So I guess that's the point.

It's worth it.  I mean, I started to see that my body and my overall health had value.  It's not just something to be careless with or thrown away.

I also realized that it made no difference how I looked when I started, just that I started.

That doesn't mean that I was not self conscious as I walked/ran down the road or when I showed up for my first group run or when I went to get my first pair of running shoes.  It just means that at that point I knew that my health was worth the risk of starting.

So why share my fat guy pics?  This is where I usually stop and delete this post.

I guess, because it helps to see that you can start from just about anywhere.  That it's not too late.  That it is worth it!

So there they are.  I have a ton more (no pun intended - okay, it was), but its actually hard to do this.  It's hard to look back at where I was.

I try to remember the things that I really loved.  I loved my twenty minute walks around the neighborhood; I loved finding out that I liked new foods; and I really loved the feeling of my clothes getting loose.  

Man! I really hope someone gets jazzed up today and just gets out and starts walking!

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  1. Thanks for posting. I look for the blogs of people that have overcome weight struggles because they offer inspiration and in particular, I like to read about the change in mindset. Thanks for posting the pictures.

  2. Thanks Debbie!


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