Day 12 - Calling BS on Something

I was going to write about how people are always looking at me with worried faces and asking me if its healthy to run so much (but never said anything to me when I was eating three cheese burgers a day), but as I was scanning the news this morning something jumped out at me that I can not ignore.

From the New York Post, "New York Road Runners, organizers of New York City Marathon, paid only $494,000 to charity last year" (click on the link for the full article).

That may not seem that awful, until you read further into the article where it states that they paid their CEO, Mary Wittenberg, $500,843.

Now I am all for people being paid what they are worth, but come on!

When I saw the cost increase of registering for the marathon this past year I was shocked; when I heard they were not going to have bag drops for the runners I started to be happy that I was not chosen for the lottery (I paid for that too); when I watched the organization botch the cancellation of the marathon (I agree with canceling it, just not how they did it) I was appalled.

For a non profit organization that talks about how much money they give to charity and have a mission statement of "giving everyone a reason to run", this is pretty pathetic.

I am calling BS on the New York Road Runners.

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  1. I couldn't agree more! all that running good for you? i've never stood at the side of a casket and said, "poor old Bob, he just ran too much"! Run on!!


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