My Crazy Dog

For day eleven of my thirty blog posts I have was given the topic "Write about your favorite thing that is not health related, but likely improves your life".

First few months he was tiny
When I think of "health related" for this blog I think about running and eating so that pretty much limits most of what I talk about.

One thing in my life that I rarely share about here is my crazy dog.

Beacon is my crazy Boston Terrier.  He's three years old, spoiled, and a complete spaz.

Sleeping on P is one of his favorite places to be
We brought Beacon home about a year after our two other dogs passed away (they both lived to the ripe old age of 17 - real years).

It was a pretty big decision for my wife and I to make, but we wanted our son to grow up with a dog in the house. 

We searched all over for the right fit for our family.  We researched the best dog for families and I even looked at a Runner's World article about the best running dogs.  In the end, we lost out minds and picked a Boston Terrier.

My wife actually drove four hours to pick him up.  She called me when she got him and said he was so tiny she didn't know what to do with him.  She ending up putting him in her purse.

Egg on his face...
From the beginning, I knew Beacon was not normal.  

When we tried to take him for a walk as a puppy, he would spread all four of his legs flat on the ground and lay there.  Basically we were taking him for a drag...

If the temperature was less than 75 or over 90 he just would not going outside (unassisted).  

Now when its cold, he shakes until you picked him up and carry him outside (pathetic).
He's also not a fan of the dark, so you have to stand there with him while he does his business (again, pathetic).

My wife tried to take him to obedient school when he was about one.  That lasted two or three sessions and she (I mean he) was done.

So I guess my dog is kind of a doggy school drop out...

Beacon hiking in the rain (with his rain jacket of course)
Beacon likes to "sing" when the phone rings, sleep under our covers and he will push himself in between any of us when we hug or sit close to each other (he doesn't want us to stop, he just wants to be in the middle).

He really is crazy.

When he wants back in the house, he will jump to the top of the door (I have slobber marks to prove it) or just slam in to it!

He likes to chase squirrels in the back yard, but he'll chase his own leg if they're not around.

I tell him he's ugly all the time, but he really is the cutest "ugly" dog in the world.

I love giving him treats and when I make scrambled eggs for my family, I always make a plate for him (he's the only one that jumps up and down and wags his tail).

Family hiking in the rain
He may not be a running dog, but he does go on adventures with us.

As crazy as he is, he does improve my life...

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  1. rest in peace peyton. I will miss you so very dearly kind of your older sister amber

  2. I really enjoyed your blog, thanks for sharing


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