I Love My Group of MooreOns (I mean Moore On Running Group)

Last night as I was getting off work I started to feel a little rundown.

I had already met my running partners, CSR and Ninja Stuntman, for a 5:45am tempo run and then ran a pace run on my own in the afternoon.  Now it was time to get ready for another run...

I looked at my running bag and kind of just sat their in a daze.  I even sent a text to CSR saying I should have thought this through a little better.
Wednesday Night Work Group + 3 not pictured!

Then I saw someone go by my office in running gear.

I immediately perked up.

It wasn't just another run, I was meeting a group of people from my office for a group workout!

Last week I started a Wednesday night group for people from my office to work on walking and running.  Twelve people showed up last week.  It was amazing!

So I put on my running clothes and headed over to Colonial Lake to meet everyone.

As I waited, I only saw three people at our starting point.  I was a little disappointed, but it was cold and at least there were three people that showed up.

As we started to go over the workout, more people started showing up.  By the time we started, there were fourteen people from my office walking and running!!!

How freaking cool it that?!

We had a great workout and I just could not stop smiling.  I'm still smiling writing this blog post now!

Hum, I wonder if they would be cool with being referred to as the MooreOn Group???

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