Monkey Shirt

Lovin the Monkey Shirt!

My poor wife and son have to hear me talk about the monkey shirt every time I put it on.  It just cracks me up for some reason.

A few weeks ago sent me a shirt to try out.  Its a 90/10 cotton/poly shirt so its not what I would wear running, but I love putting it on after a workout (I also love chasing my son around the house yelling Monkey Shirt!).  

I get stuff from companies every once in a while to try out, but unless the "stuff" is really cool (or really sucks) I don't write about it.  Its not why I write my blog, but it is kinda fun to get a random package of stuff every so often... is a screen printing company out of Sheffielf in the UK.  They do custom printing on t-shirts for men, women and kids as well as on hooded sweatshirts and work clothing.  I checked around and they have a fast turnaround on jobs and their prices are pretty low.

Okay, so why am I writing about this company on my blog?  Because I love my Monkey Shirt!

Really, this is an awesome shirt!


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