Funny Stuff My Wife Says and Does (Day 10 or 30)

Day ten of thirty and I have been given the task of writing about something funny.

There is one person that makes me laugh more than anyone else.  My wife.

If read my last post about how I write about my friends and family, you know that I have given my wife the nickname (for this blog) WTF.  Not only because she uses this term frequently, but because she bought a WTF hat!

Here is part of the post I wrote last year when my wife started training for her first marathon.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do (every day).

As you now know, my wife is training for her first marathon (Disney in January).

Although she has been very supportive of me and my relatively new obsession with running, she is not the most chipper person when it comes to "her" running...

During the past few weeks I have kept track of some of the things she has said and done so I
could share this experience with all of you :)

- "If you can train me, you can train anyone..."
- "That's just stupid." - after I explained why she needed to start slowly.
- No words, just a finger in the air as she runs by. - during one of her first training runs.
- "WTF?!" - email reply I received after I sent her a two week running schedule.

Floppin Flounder
- After running about 1/4 mile I look at Jen and say, "You are doing great!".  She looks back at me in confusion and says, "Why?".  I look back at her with more confusion and say, "You are doing great.".  She then says. "Oh, I thought you said to take a break!".
- During the race: "Are we last? We must be last!"  - we were not even close to last...
- After the race: "I hate you! This is worse than when you got me pregnant!"

- "I know my shoes weigh at least five pounds!".  She put them on our scale and tried to weigh them.  Nothing happened (they weigh less than eight ounces)...

Signing up for the Disney Marathon
Jen: "Sign me up for the Goofy." (its 39.3 miles)
Me: "No."
Jen: "Why?"
Me: "It's your first long distance race."
Jen: "Go big or go home!"

Response to an email from one of our friends about running the marathon
"Shhhhh!!! I haven't run it yet. Got lots of time to back out, sell my bib, suffer an injury, develop a fear of cartoon characters, be under judicial order not to leave the state .... the possibilities are endless. Not to mention the world may come to an end before I actually have to run this *#$#@ thing."

Update (after the Disney Marathon - 1-8-12):

Eating breakfast with Annie, Cathy and Jen the day after the marathon.
Me: "At least I didn't cramp up this time."
Cathy: "My stomach is my Achilles’ heel. What’s your's Jen?"
Jen: "Running!"

Getting ready to drive home the day after the marathon.
Jen: "You sure you feel okay to drive all the way back home?"
Me: "Yeah, I feel fine."
Jen: "F#@k you!"

People asking Jen about the marathon.
"What was the worst part of the marathon?"
Jen: "The running!"

And my last update, just for this re posting:

Talking about doing a track workout:
Me: "You could do four 400's, two 800's and then one 1600"
Jen: "I don't think so"
Me: "You could do four 400's and then four 800's"
Jen:  Just shakes her head "NO" at me with a "You're a dumb ass look"
Me: "Okay... Just do 800's"
Jen: "Fine!"

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