2012 Recap (mostly in pictures)

I was going to write a recap of 2012, but I thought it might be more fun (and less work) if I did it with pictures.

Plus, I know how much people hate to read so this will be much easier for everyone :)

I started off the year with a 12 mile New Year’s DayRun.  About 14 people showed up for this run (this year there was close to 50 people who ran)!

Next was the Disney Goofy Challenge.  This was such a great weekend.  My wife ran her very first marathon and I got to run both the Half and Full Marathons with my running partners CSR and LA.

The next weekend CSR and I paced our first race.  We were the pace leaders for the CharlestonHalf Marathon 2:30 Group.  It was great helping runners finish and PR for the race.

The very next weekend I watched my first Couch to 5K group finish the Charlie Post 5K.  I also got to see my son (eight at the time) finish his first “solo” 5K.  You cannot even imagine the pride I felt to see everyone finish that race…


This month started off with a great midnight run over the Cooper River Bridge to celebrate my friend’s 50th birthday.  Coach Greg is a huge inspiration to me and getting to run "over the hill" with him and a big group of his crazy friends was awesome!

Later that month, my son set a new PR at the Life Point 5K (28:36) and placed first in his age group.  My wife dropped her 5K time to under 30 minutes too (she improved her time by over 6 minutes in less than a year)!

Team Say Something hit the mud again and competed in the Bulldog Challenge at the Citadel.  Love this race, but it never gets easier (I know they are working hard to make it more difficult every year).

Once again my son set a PR.  He finished the Catch the Leprechaun 5k in 28:14.

The end of this month was a crazy.  The Cooper River Bridge started with an hour delay (that sucked) and it was really hot (that sucked even more).

The best part of the month was the Palmetto 200.  Team "Say Something!" added two runners to our team to come up with a six person Ultra Team!  My wife Jen (WTF) and my buddy Derrick (The Facebook) as well as our driver Coach Greg made a great team as we tackled and finished this crazy race.  Relay races can be hard, but doing one with half the people is insane.

May and June
May and June kind of blend together as I was training for my 12 hour run in July.  I did share some advice from my mother (given to me twenty years earlier) in May and I signed up for the RnR Las Vegas Marathon in June.

At the beginning of May I was lucky enough to join my office Dragon Boat team "Law & Oarder" for a great event.

And at the end of June I ran a midnight run on Folly Beach that left me stranded, missing a contact, until my wife drove over in the middle of the night to rescue me. 

Well, there is nothing more to say than  “Qu’est-ce que C’est?”!  This was a very hot and humid 12 hour race in Downtown Charleston on July 4th.  I was able to outlast the other runners and finish first overall with 50.5 miles.  Pretty crazy stuff, but it's such a great feeling to be able to do a race like this!

This summer I also traveled with my son and cheered him on as he competed in the USATF State, Regional and National Championships!

Started off the month with a trip to DC and even ran to the National Zoo with my son

But most of August was centered around football.  This was my son's first year playing tackle football and they won the league championship!

One of my favorite races in our area is the IOP Connector 10K.  A little warm this year, but still a lot of fun.

Team "Say Something!" returned to Columbia, SC, for the USMC Ultimate Mud Run!

I tried to write 30 health blog posts in 30 days and failed.  Let’s face it, I'm just not good under that much pressure…

The best part of November was running the Wild Turkey 5k with my wife.  What an awesome way to start Thanksgiving!

Sweet December…   First I got to run the RnR Las Vegas Marathon (at night).

Then, two weeks later, I ran the Last Chance 50k!

Finally, I ended 2012 with a solo 12 mile run on the streets of my home town.

What an awesome year, can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for me…

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