Track Workout 5-29-09

My Track Workout was all about pace today.

1 x 800 warm-up

2 x 400 (1:49)

2 x 800 (3:39)

2 x 1200 (5:28)

2 x 400 (1:49)

Recovery HR<120

I was fast on my 400's and 800's. I was a little slow on my first 1200, but on my second 1200 I was off by about 11 seconds.

I don't think I was tired, but I did get tight on the second 1200. I was trying to not look at my watch on the 200 splits. I'm used to knowing my split times and I usually correct my pace at those points. I know that I am not going to be able to check my pace every 200 meters in a race so I have to get a better feel for the pace.

I did the last 400's without any problem.

I only got about four hours of sleep last night so I knew I was going to be dragging today, but I did not know how much.

My form was a little off today, but we are going to work on that next week. My running coach posted pictures of me on his web site and asked people to comment on my form (evil)...


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