Attack of the Killer Wiener Dog!

WARNING: Parental guidance is suggested for this bog entry (if you are afraid of small, long, furry animals)...

Saturday morning I met Michael (aka Ninja Stuntman) for a ten mile long run.  We were supposed to meet two other runners (Cathy and Andrew no names), but they wimped out were sick.  We started our run from St. Andrews Church in the Old Village and headed toward Patriots Point on Coleman Boulevard (9:50).  I have used this route several times, but I decided to add the Patriot's Trail to the middle of the run (my son Peyton actually showed this to me a few weeks ago).   

Ninja Stuntman has decided to run his first marathon this Fall so we had plenty to talk about on the run (I work with his wife and after finding out about his new goal she politely threatened my life).  It brought back a lot of memories from when I first started training for a marathon so I shared a few tips as we ran.

We made our way onto the trail at about the mile two mark (9:48).  The shade was nice and the trail was wide enough for two people to run side by side.  It was a blast having this as part of the run.  The trail was well worn, so the footing was not bad at all.  We ran to the end of the trail and doubled back to Patriot's Point Boulevard (9:58).  It was perfect timing because the giant bugs were starting to dive bomb us as we made it to the end.

We ran under the Cooper River Bridge and stopped for water at the Memorial Waterfront Park (9:54).  From there we ran to an area called Rimley's Point (9:54, 9:42).  This is where the attack occurred...

We were minding our own business when out of nowhere (well, actually out of a really nice house) comes a vicious attack dog!  Luckily for me, the dog was more interested in Ninja Stuntman than me.  We picked up the pace (9:33, 9:40) and finally outran the killer wiener dog, but we knew (and so did he) that we would have to come back the same way...

As we turned to come back, I braced myself for the onslaught that would come.  Once again, the wiener dog wanted nothing to do with me and focused all its attention on Ninja Stuntman :)

I was actually laughing so hard that it was hard to run...

Anyway, the vicious dog returned to guarding its multi million dollar home and we headed back toward the Memorial Waterfront Park (9:23).  We ran up the path between the park and the bridge and decided to pick up the pace for the last two and half miles (9:22, 9:09, 8:52).  We ended up running ten and half miles (the trail was hard to map out before the run).

It was nice to end my week of training with a great run that was a lot of fun (even with the killer dog incident)...

Week Recap:
- six mile afternoon recovery run
- four mile easy run in the afternoon
- track workout at night (1x800 warm up, 4x200 (100 recovery), 4x300 (200 recovery), 4x400 (300 recovery), 1x800 cool down and then soccer with my son)
- five mile bridge run in the morning
- five mile easy run in the afternoon
- five mile tempo run
- six mile easy run

Next Sunday is the Warrior Dash!!!


  1. Nice to see that dogs in affluent neighborhoods attack as well as those in trashy neighborhoods. I've stopped running in one of the latter around my house because the last time I went running through there, four dogs chased me and two came close enough to bite.

  2. LOL! Weiner dogs are scary man. You're lucky that you didn't smell like bacon or you would have been toast!


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